Content delivery

Reliable Web hosting

Client: Online sales

How can I ensure that my internet site remains constantly accessible without being affected by traffic «peaks»?

Safe remote backup

Client: Any business

How can I have access to a regularly updated copy of my data outside of my own premises?

Collaborative site

Client: Media

How can a collaborative platform be created for our translation work?

High performance clustering

Client: Demanding user

How is it possible to have a network that is sufficiently reliable to handle large data volumes and to process complex calculations?

Online ordering

Client: Online sales

How is it possible for my existing clients to manage their orders online?

Online video

Client: Media

How can I make the videos produced by my company available to internet users?

Service extension

Client: Any business

Can I add new functionalities to the system that Perceval has developed for my company?


Client: Document management

How can we offer all of our clients rapid, secure access to the documents that are relevant to them?


Client: Any business

How can I have a secure, efficient intranet set up?


Client: Any business

How can my employees securely access their data from their home office?

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